My groove is gone & a GINORMOUS can.

I've lost my ability to blog.

When you get out of your blogging groove, you never know where to start.

I have so many good things to post about. Memories made, memories past.

A great family vacation on the Oregon Coast, Tate playing T-ball, Sadie's funny sleeping positions,  Brandon growing up, Father's Day, favorite new songs, a new niece, my grandpa - at age 88 - swimming with his great grandkids, etc. Half written posts waiting to be shared.

Too many good things have come from this blog.

Keeping in great contact with family and friends.
I even had 2 old friends from Jr. High and College come visit this summer, each at a separate time, largely, I think, because of blogging.

I know I should try to keep blogging, but it feels like a chore these days.
Something on my to-do list, and not something fun to do.

I know I've lost my groove, because, I can't think anymore.

Really, it's true.
My house is full of loud, active, healthy (fingers-crossed), crazy, energetic kids.
It appears that they all need very little sleep, and I'm terrible at putting them to bed, just terrible.
Too cranky, really, to put them to bed.

I think I'm suppose to hug my children more.

It's just too noisy and I'm "Mommed" all the time.
I'm a good mom to each of my kids individually, but a bad mom to my kids as a group.
I can't think straight anymore.
It's such a strange feeling, to not be able to think or have a clear thought in your head.

I'm trying to find a way to recharge these days. To find a moment to clear my head.

What are you in the mood to hear or see on this blog?
Someone needs to inspire me.

 P.S. By accident, this GINORMOUS can of tomatoes ended up in my car today, after going to Costco.
Someone ahead of me in line, or behind me wanted to purchase it,
and the cashier or worker accidentally rang it up on my bill.  
I didn't notice this mistake or terrible tragedy for all involved, until after I was loading up the car.
I checked my receipt and sure enough I paid for the can.
Now what? What do I make with all this tomato puree?
Any Ideas?
I wonder when the person who wanted the can realized they didn't come home with the can.
I want to call them, and A) give it to them
or B) ask them, "What were you going to make with this GINORMOUS can of tomatoes?
Can you share the recipe with me?".


Rebecca said...

That was my fav part of your post today, scrolling down reading of your mommy woes and then seeing a big sign saying C R U S H E D

I thought it was part of the visual aid emphasizing how you felt. How clever I thought, HA!

PS: That's my fav part of Costco, they take anything back anytime, next time you go, return it. You do not want crushed in your food storage.

Kathy said...

It's so good to hear you sounding normal like the rest of us! I have a theory (right about now my kids would be rolling their eyes). My theory is that September is a very hard month on Moms! You think all summer, "when the kids are back in school I'm going to do this and this and this and have a clean house and be a better mother and on and on" and then September hits and you STILL can't get all that stuff done, and the house is not perfectly spotless and you blame yourself because the kids are in school so surely you should be able to do all the things you thought you could! Well the answer is, they will all get done, just not all in the first few weeks of school like you were dreaming all summer! So hang in there and get your routine down and watch the miracles that will happen this year! September is for establishing routines. Ok Molly, that is my September list of how you should feel. :)

Ingrid said...

katie, I hear you. No more brain power.