A fun night at the park

We have a fun park in town, with a nice playground at the bottom of a hill.
Then to wear our kids out even more, we have them climb this hill.

You can see the older kids running up the hill in the red shirts.
A family we don't know, is just under them, the mother is pregnant trying to get labor started.
Can you see her holding her hands behind her back?
(All the overdue or near due pregnant ladies come to this park)
My sister, Karen, claims this hill is how labor started with her 1st baby.

Chris is at the bottom just starting the climb with Sadie.

The climb

 Sadie having second thoughts, pointing down the hill.
Her cousin Haylee is listening to her, and seems to be agreeing as she faces down the mountain too.
 Lindy at the top!

The view from the top
"Les Bois" - City of Trees

Sliding down
(Sadie still in diapers. . .oh when oh when should I toilet train her? Do I have to?)
Eating Ice Cream after the hike.


Kristen said...

That looks so fun! So I assume you will be at that same park in a few months!?!

Katie said...

In January, trudging through the snow!


We love that park!

Kristen said...

Katie, I am going to hold you to that!! I want pictures!

Cathy said...

Katie - I'm just now reading your blog (I love it). I don't know where this park is! So sad - I've lived here for the last 31 years and I have no idea where this park is. Looks like a fun fall FHE.