Super Powers!

  • Fasting & Prayer
  • Scripture Reading with a Purpose
  • Temple Attendance
  • Priesthood Blessings
I'm always amazed at these super powers Heavenly Father has blessed us with.
Whenever I face life's challenges or difficulties with my life's work with just my human capabilities;
I can use these to give me super-human strength and powers.  *They really work!
You don't have to do all 4. Just pick 1 or maybe 2.

Sometimes when things get really tough you can do all 4.
But don't stress yourself out trying to do all 4, that's silly,
because you were already stressed before.

Invite others to help you accomplish all 4, if in certain circumstances it would be helpful.
Then you've really got some super power going on!

These powers don't take away my problems (although, sometimes it does that too),
but it does give me super power to work through my problems.

*these powers work at their best when I believe in Jesus Christ, have faith, say my daily prayers, partake of the sacrament, serve in my ward/church, are in a habit of scripture reading, paying tithing, etc.

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