How I clean my hardwood floors

My sister Molly, introduced me to this great mop from Home Depot.
The Quickie Professional Hardwood Floor Mop.  You can buy several of the white rag/cloth covers.
You just wash them in your washing machine. You can reuse them again and again.
(I couldn't find the link for the mop on Home Depot's website, but it should be in the store.)

The mop works really well. I just spray vinegar water on my floor then mop away.
It's safe to use a little water on your hardwood. Just mop it right up.

P.S. I love using vinegar water to clean lots of things in my kitchen and house. The kitchen table, counters, even a light stain or two on the carpet or couch. It's a good natural disinfectant.)
To make it yourself: you use 1 gallon of tap water to 1 c. of white distilled vinegar.
Real Simple offers other ideas for cleaning with vinegar.

For tougher stains, I get down on my hands and knees with a cloth/spray bottle and use good old fashioned "elbow grease" or I use the scraper pictured below.

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Beth said...

Oh this is great! I'm actually going to do this. Did you know I grew up with a wallpaper remover in my kitchen drawer? One day I saw it in the garage (where it is probably supposed to be) and thought, "What is this doing in the garage with the paint stuff?" It was a staple kitchen tool for removing jam/marshmallow/goo off of the kitchen counters.