Some books to help survive summer with your kids

These books have helped me and the kids this summer:
We checked them out at the library,
but they are seriously worth buying and having around the house for future use and rainy days.

Easy instructions, my kids love to play the game war.

Very Fun! How to be a spy, How to talk in code, How to survive a bear attack, etc. Easy 1 page descriptions for tons of stuff boys love! There is a girls version too. (Great b-day, Christmas present idea!)

This is not EASY. I love origami, but I need to be right there with someone demonstrating each fold for me. Luckily, Kyle could figure it out, and help us all. I do think this book shows easy pictures and fun things to make. We used scratch and construction paper. I think getting real origami paper at the craft store is a better way to go.

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MollyE said...

These are great suggestions!