Stock Piling

I think one of my important jobs as a mother/homemaker/wife
is to keep the house, my purse, or car stocked with a variety of essentials.
The list below is just a small sampling of what I'm talking about.

  • Toilet Paper
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Band-Aids
  • Soup
  • Cans of chili
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Fruit
  • Scotch Tape
  • Crazy Glue
  • Pens -Sharpened Pencils
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Clean underwear
  • Pj's clean with their matching shirts and bottoms
  • Computer Paper
  • Computer Ink
  • Towels, Swim Towels
  • Sunscreen

I keep lots of lists all over to
make sure
we have
what we need the moment someone needs it.

Lists are on the fridge, near the phone, near the computer, in my purse, in a notebook, in my mind, etc.
I feel like I take this part of my job very seriously and do my very best.
Our church encourages us to be prepared, have 3 months stock piled, and certainly the couponing rage is here to help us with this very thing.

And yet. . . . .

It's not good enough.

When Tate had to have bean with bacon soup we were all out. I had cans and cans of every other  soup except the one Tate wanted.  When Chris was fixing a bike he had to have crazy glue that very minute. Where was the crazy glue? No where in the garage or house. I was starving and craving a can of chili. I needed it that instant. Yep, you guessed it no cans of chili. I had an endless supply of refried beans, baked beans, black beans, etc. But not 1 can of chili. The other day I was out with all the kids.  We are having road work done near our subdivision's entrance, so it has become hard to get in and out of our neighborhood.  While we were out  Sadie had a poopy, stinky diaper. 
It needed to be changed instantly. There was not 1 diaper in the whole minivan or my purse. We had 2-3 containers of wipes in the van. But not 1 diaper. We had to leave our side of town to head all the way back home into the frustrating construction site to change her diaper. Annoying.
When we were on a long car drive, we needed a pen for a game and activity. Between my purse and the car there was no pen. No writing utensil. Don't even get me started on the laundry.
I showed you my silly laundry system on this blog.  I spend endless amounts of time laundering and laundering.  "MOM, where's my red shirt?", "How come I don't have any clean socks.", "Honey, I don't have any pants to wear to work." No matter how much laundering, and folding no one ever has what they need to wear. Buying new clothes has not helped with this problem either.

I don't know. But it's really annoying.  
The other thing that's rough. Is the entire family is mad at me when these things happen.
Never mind that we have a 50 yr. supply of toilet paper and millions of band-aids and bottles of shampoo, and ramen noodles to last through the millenium.
The whole world falls apart when what you really need that very moment is not anywhere in the house or the car, or mom's purse. And it's all mom's fault. My job really is impossible. I would be fired if I had a boss, and I really should quit my day job.

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Amanda said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one. I feel like a total failure when we don't have the one thing we need at the moment we need it. Great post!