Banana Splits for Dinner?? You Betcha!

We started a tradition of eating banana splits for dinner for one night in the summer. 
No vegetables, no main course, just banana splits.
I love it, the kids love it, and it makes us happy on a hot night.

Don't you love that thick butterscotch comin' down? Hmmm. . .delicious.
I love watching the kids watch it!
Dad is super excited!
Lindy is wishing we had sprinkles to put on top.
Yeah, mom forgot another thing to keep stocked in the pantry - sprinkles!
Sadie says, "sooo good!"


Karen said...

such a great tradition!!

Stacey said...

I love sprinkles too. I like the pic of them watching the butterscotch.

Karen said...

I showed Haylee these pictures and told her you were having ice cream for dinner. She said, "yumm, yummmm!"