Horse Camp for Lindy

Lindy loves anything about horses. This last week she went to horse camp. It was a couple of hours each  day for a week. She enjoyed it very much. She learned how to approach a horse, care for a horse, groom a horse, some riding techniques, and all about the different horse breeds. She did an obstacle course while riding the horse, and even did a small jump! She also learned how to clean up after the horses. I'm glad someone is teaching my kids how to work! (I'm not havin' much luck)

She spent most of her time with this horse named Cookie. He was just her size too!


Stacey said...

Cute! Did you ever think you'd have a daughter that was a cowgirl?

Rebecca said...

At Costco, Steven has had to clean up vomit, twice now! There is no amount of money that I could have paid him to do that at home. Isn't it amazing what one will do for $11hr., for someone else?

Great pictues of Lindy! Jr. rodeo here she comes! Only I think she should be the Rodeo Queen and not the pooper scooper!