Our family loves spending time in McCall, Idaho!
(I pulled up Sadie's socks super high to protect her from bugs,
Sadie is also holding a bag of Skittles that she refused to share with anyone.)
This is Lindy at the Lilly Marsh. She loves it here.
Now we call it the "Lindy Marsh"

When we said to say "Cheese" to each person for their individual picture;
their above photo displays how they each said "Cheese"

We also took the boat up and the kids were able to ride on a large tube that sits 3 people.
Sadie wanted a turn and loved it! Loved it!
I'm sorry I missed getting a picture of that.
As we pulled away from McCall, to go home Sadie was crying "boat ride, boat ride!"

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Karen said...

So fun. wish we could go boating with you guys