The Capitol Classic!

To start off our summer, Kyle and Lindy ran a 1 mile race.
It's a kids-only race. No adults allowed on the course.
There were about 1600 kids who participated ages 6-14.

I was worried; they wouldn't be able to finish, get lost, get hurt, get tired, and cry.

They proved me wrong. They ran the whole way, smiled, had fun, met us at the meeting spot, and loved the whole experience.

Kyle's in the khaki baseball hat.

Here comes Lindy!
There she goes!

The race started at the top of hill at the white tall building in the distant background, and finished at the statue. Well, the race actually ended at the state capitol building.

After the race, we took the kids inside the Capitol building.

A security guard quickly approached us, and asked that we leave the building as soon as possible.
We were told that balloons are very bad, very bad for the capitol building.

Balloons could get stuck way up there.


Karen said...

how fun!! So cute that they got to run in a race. It reminds me of the race that you me and molly did. Hopefully we can do it again this fall.

MollyE said...

So fun! We definitely need to do that together next year.