Just fly a little lower

We had a bird stuck in our garage last week.
We opened all the doors, to help him fly out.
He seemed a little scared and frustrated.
He kept flying in the same pattern, flying too high.
He just needed to fly a little lower, about 5-6 in., to get to freedom.
I kept telling him, "Just fly a little lower!"

After a few hours, he eventually figured it out.

 I though about myself, my kids, and all of us from this experience.

Are we frustrated with today, this week, this month, or this year?
Do we feel stuck and a little scared?
Are we flying in the same direction or same pattern?
If we changed our course or
looked lower or higher even by just a little bit;
maybe, just maybe, we might feel a new sense of freedom, happiness, light, and joy.

Try not to crash, though.
It was good the bird sat for a bit, thinking things through, before making his big escape!

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