Oh, what do YOU do in the summertime,

When all the world is green. . .
Do you fish in a stream, or lazily dream on the banks as the clouds go by?
Do you swim in a pool, to keep yourself cool, or swing in a tree up high?
Do you march in parades, or drink lemonades, or count all the stars in the sky?

Is that what you do? So do I!

This is one of my favorite primary songs.
words & music by Dorothy S. Andersen, Children's  Primary Songbook, p. 245

There is something about summer that makes me want to be a kid again.
Forget all my usual responsibilities, expectations, and to-do lists.
Just be outside, be with my kids, and away from a computer as best as I can.
I always want to blog less in the summer.

Unfortunately, our weather does not look like the above photo.
We are cold and rainy here.
So, I'm making this post instead of being outside.

Today is the kids' last day of school.
They are excited; excited for summer, no more school work, staying up even later??!!!

I've made some plans for our summer, let's hope we all have fun.
By about July, all of my fun summer ideas have fallen flat, and I lose my desire of being a kid again.
We, the kids and I, get hot and tired.

I always feel a little unsure when it's the last day of school.
Will we have fun? Let's hope so. . .I'll use this song to help me!

Fun Summer ideas here and here

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Karen said...

come visit us in July!!!!!