I cried too. . .

(Photography from Boston.com, the Big Picture, for more awesome pictures click here.)

My eyes watered more than a time or two watching the winter olympics this year.

It happened. . . when I heard the news of the Georgian luger who lost his life on a training run. It happened again when they held the press conf. and the President of the olympics, himself broke down, to speak with the media. His grief was genuine and it touched me.

Then there wasn't enough snow, and I wondered how everything would work out.
Things never go as planned.

When the first Canadian won the gold doing the moguls, and his brother, who has a form of down syndrome, was there to cheer him on. That got to me.
I was amazed when the Chinese couple after 18 years, won the gold in couple's figure skating.

The ups and downs of all the speed skating, eventually got to me.
Remember the one figure skater who followed his coach by switching lanes, and then was disqualified, All of the speed skating crashes. . .Apolo!

Skiing: the drama, the weather, the competition, the personal tragedies, the triumphs, the years of ups and downs for some athletes, the speed, the crashes, the bad crashes. All of it. . .AMAZING.

The ski jumpers. How do they do that? Simon from Switzerland.

The snowboarders. Sean White truly flew so high, so high! He was the best by far.

The lugers, bobsledders, skeletoners, their crashes too and their speed. It was interesting to watch it all, knowing each of these athletes had the Georgian on their minds. Since they were all speeding down on the same track.

Jeret "Speedy" Peterson our local boy from Idaho. Doing his hurricane jump, barely missing the gold, but so happy, so happy, pleased with his Silver, overcoming much in his life to finally triumph!

Anyone who won the bronze who was thrilled and happy, that made me tear up for their personal best.

Evan winning the men's figure skating gold, he practiced and practiced.
He used more than talent, and a lot of hard work to pull off his victory.

The women's figure skaters, they all,  to me, performed perfect routines.
I can't remember anyone in the final 6 falling down.  They were all heroes to me. They each did a personal best.  Of course, Joannie the Canadian, loosing her mother 2 days before her performance in the Olympics.  She touched us all.

The ice dancing, the last 3 couples who won medals. On their final performances, it left me speechless watching them perform, breathtaking!

The nordics, cross country, biathlons, etc.  Some surprise American victories there.

Hockey didn't make me cry, but I was genuinely happy for Canada.

Even some of the Visa commercials and the P&G commercials about the mother's of the athletes.
P&G showed video clips of the actual mother's cheering on their children(athletes) during these Winter Games.

Last night, when the President of the Olympics declared the winter olympics officially over;
I was sad.

Well done, Canada, well done!!!!

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Rebecca said...

The only thing I can add to this great post is, When Apolo was DQ'd in his final solo race, all I could think was, Oh NO!