Crazy Cooking

I went crazy in the kitchen last week.

I bought this chicken and cut it up. I used this video to help me.
I'm not sure if I got it right, but with practice I can get better.
With my broken pieces of chicken, I made this recipe from RealSimple.
Chris said, "It looks just like the picture from the magazine."
He thought I was a real chef or something.
It tasted good and the kids liked it.  My kids like to eat carrots and chicken.
It was fairly easy to make.
The time involved was cutting up the chicken and carrots.

A good, neighbor friend came over last week, and taught me how to make, real, home-made, (using yeast), crescent rolls. I had never made bread before. Now, I kind of want to start making real, homemade bread and rolls.   I think.
I'm not normally for this kind of cooking craziness. I have too many kids around me,
and I'm too tired at night.

I loved that my neighbor walked me through the whole thing. It was a great way to learn how to cook. So much better than just reading a recipe by yourself, and making mistakes.
It was fun to talk, hang out, and learn something.
It was personal, one-on-one, without a big crowd of women all trying to see.
It was hands-on, in our own kitchens. I loved it. I think we should all do this more often.
Share a favorite recipe with a friend or two in our own kitchens, in our own homes.

Then I went even more crazy, when I made homemade apple pie with homemade pie crust.
I ate it for breakfast, snacks and after dinner.

When I get the urge to cook, I should follow that crazy impulse,  it only comes but once a while.


Karen said...

whoa, good for you! It all looks delicious. Especially the homemade rolls. Yum!!

MollyE said...

I'm very impressed!! Cuting a whole chicken is very frightening to me. I have watched numerious demonstrations, even paid for one, but I am still terrified!