Hollywood Fashion Tape

I like to use this double stick tape for clothing and avoiding wardrobe malfunctions.
I can stick the tape to my skin or clothing and the piece of clothing stays in place.
I like to use it when I'm speaking in front of people. It makes me feel less nervous.

You can purchase it at most Fabric/Craft Stores;
or online by googling: Hollywood Fashion Tape.

The packaging says you can:

  • eliminate blouse gaps
  • fix hems fast
  • close wrap skirts
  • keep scarves & accessories in place
  • create costumes


Rebecca said...

I will have to try some next time I come for a visit! sounds interesting . . .

Ingrid said...

Katie, you crack me up!

MollyE said...

Brilliant. I definitely need to get some of this stuff. I am still using safety pins on my blouse gaps. I have many wardrobe problems....