We can't wait for our Christmas Company to Come! Yeah!!

We are all soooo excited for our family to come. We've gotten everything ready for your arrival.

 Lindy cleaned her room.

 We decorated half the house with lights.

I stocked up on my headache medicine.
(But, I recently read that chocolate is bad for migraines. No wonder I suffer from headaches.)

Tate and Sadie rearranged the furniture to give everyone a comfortable place to sit.
They've demanded that eating in the family room and staying in your pj's all day is perfectly acceptable.

I bought the "Bubbly" in bulk.

Chris cleaned out the fridge.
He is a great husband, and Santa took good notes of this great work!

We got a huge 26 pounder of a bird. Chris has strongly encouraged that we have 2 Big Feasts. 
A turkey will work great for the 2nd Feast. 
(*Special Note, they are so cheap right now. Every family should buy a turkey, even if you don't have plans to use one over the holidays. It will feed a family in January for so cheap!)

We bought a bench to help seat more people for our feasts!
(Oops, looks like we forgot to sweep the floor for you.)

We made some signs.
  We will all chant this phrase 5 times on Christmas morning before we go down the stairs.

Molly is getting ready to have her baby any day. 
Will we  have a real baby for the nativity scene?

Travel well, and we will see you all real soon!


From the beehive said...

This post is hilarious!

Ryan said...

You are refreshing! Thank you!

Ryan said...

I don't know why it does that---this is Stephanie, not RYAN!

Karen said...

I can't wait for the bubbly! Hopefully there will be some left before we get there! Is steven there? I've heard both ways about chocolate and migraines. But since I've had 3 migrains in 4 weeks, I guess I better go without chocolate and see if that helps any.

MollyE said...

Such a cute post! Thanks for sharing a picture from my earlier, skinnier prego days! This baby is not coming by the way. EVER!!! Save some chocolate for me!

Cathy said...

You totally crack me up!!!

Good luck to Molly!!