Family Goals

2009 Individual & Family Goals

Family Goals - Read the Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe Accomplished
Get to Church on Time We did pretty good
Go to McCall, ID Accomplished

Chris - Avoid Bankruptcy ( He had just moved his dental practice into a new building with new expenses last year at Christmas) Accomplished
Katie - Have a prayer list Just did okay
Lindy - Be a better Cook Accomplished
Kyle - Read & Write Accomplished a little 
Tate - Take Swim lessons Accomplished; but at FHE he said "I just drowned"
Sadie - Learn to walk & crawl Accomplished

2010 Individual & Family Goals

Family- Play together

Chris - Organize the Garage
Katie - Make new FHE chart, Organize binders of family/household paperwork
Lindy - Read Scriptures by herself on Sundays, play more soccer
Kyle - Swim in the deep end, learn to tread water
Tate - Go to the Beach!
Sadie - Stay in church Nursery class all by herself

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