I rarely get into tv shows.
The last ones were Alias and Prison Break.
(They are both worth renting on DVD if by chance you haven't see those shows)

Just in the last couple of weeks I've gotten hooked on a TV show.
It's on ABC.

The male lead is a famous mystery writer who helps the NYPD with murder crimes.
The show is fairly clean, with some good mystery - whodunit stuff,
and great chemistry between Rick Castle, the author, and Kate, the police detective.
They work together in every episode.
The show isn't intellectually deep, but it's fun to watch.
There is a new murder every episode and an ongoing story line about the murder of Kate's mother, which is why she became a police detective.


Stacey @ Fun to Craft said...

We randomly got hooked on this one too. Its pretty funny. I like it :)

Kristen said...

My husband and I discoverd this show last season and love it. We love Castle's quirkiness. I love crime shows in general, but this one is just fun.

Cathy said...

We'll have to give it a try! We loved Prison Break as well... who wouldn't love staring at Wentworth Miller!