I love when this comes in the mail!

Any day this will be coming to my mailbox.
I wait with giddy anticipation! Will it be tomorrow?
I hope it is this week!
The mail is so exciting again, now that this comes to my mailbox.
It's just as exciting as Christmas cards and it comes all year!

I become possessive of the coupon book too. It's all mine.
I have a hard time letting anyone else peruse through it.

All this excitement over saving on laundry detergent and ziplock bags?
But, you see, there is always the *SURPRISE COUPON*
for pumpkin pie, pork chops, photo cards, or even a bulk package of Pillsbury crescent rolls!
Mmm, my favorites!
What will the *SURPRISE COUPON* be this time?
Ooooh, I can hardly stand it!


Kristen said...

I love that coupon book too! I loved when the pork chops were on sale. I often see people perusing through the store trading coupons. Like once this guy approaced us to get our coupons for the sponges. Guess he wanted to stock up??

Ingrid said...

How do you get on that mailing list? I never get Costco coupons. I think I should look into those...

Cathy said...


You can get ziploc baggies free right now (sorta). http://www.fabulesslyfrugal.com/2010/01/free-ziploc-baggies-at-fred-meyer-money.html

And I often get Pillsbury free...

And this week I'm going to get granola bars free! http://www.fabulesslyfrugal.com/2010/01/albertons-doubles-on-sunday.html

Sorry - I just had to say it. ;)