What is that?

A spy picture of the new 2011 honda odyssey out for a night test drive.

I'm spying on this new minivan.
Every 5-6 yrs. Honda redesigns their minivan. The Toyota Sienna minivan will be redesigned too.
I'm a little excited for the redesign.
I will be curious to see the new interior changes to their minivan.
If you're curious like me here is some more info.

But, I secretly like the GMC Acadia. The 8 seater SUV.
Plus, they are fun to drive. (I test drove one a couple years ago)
You don't get the cargo space like you do in a minivan, though.
Plus, sliding doors are pretty great with kids and tight parking spaces.
Then I go back to practical purposes and think about the new minivans coming out.

When I drive my 10+ yr old van around town I dream about a new family car.
A weakness of mine for sure.


Cathy said...

Hey Katie - while you're dreaming and looking, keep an eye out for a 9 seater that isn't a mini-bus!? :) (for me of course)

MollyE said...

What in the world is that first picture? I am totally confused!

Katie said...

The picture is someone test driving the NEW 2011 Honda Odyssey at night with a cover on it.

They test cars before they put them on the market.
They test them at night, since they don't want the public to see them yet. It looks like in the picture they put some cover over the top to conceal it even more.
Someone took a picture anyway.

I thought it was kinda funny all the secrecy and that I even found the picture at all. So I decided to share, and I am excited to see in daylight without a cover what the new minivans will look like.

Sorry for the confusion, hope this helps.