3 things to tell you:

1. Sadie went to nursery for the first time on Sunday. That is always a big moment for me with my kids.
Bigger even than kindergarten, for me it is the first time they go out into the world by themselves.

She did fine. A little fun, a little tears, and a lot of being picked up by the almost 4 yr olds in her nursery class. Sadie is so small.

2. Monday mornings are still hard when you are a stay-at-home mom. Cleaning up after the weekend is always work.  The monday after Halloween, this year was especially daunting & haunting.  Too many cobwebs, spiders, costumes, ghosts, pumpkins, eyeballs, witches, and candy wrappers to clean up. I try to keep it simple, but this year with Kyle's party, there was more to put away. Oh well.

3. I was at Costco yesterday, the sample ladies were out.  One sample lady was very daring. She was giving us butter on toast, going on and on about how healthy, delicious, and affordable it was. Next thing, she puts the whole product in my cart, without my wanting or asking.  I couldn't believer her daring maneuver & trick. But I was too tired to put it back, and I believed her. I need healthy, delicious, affordable butter for my kids and family.  She's very talented at what she does. She's their best sample lady for putting the product right in people's carts. As I walked a little further down, I noticed people had placed the butter she had given them in random places throughout the Costco coolers. Maybe she is their worst sample lady for disorganizing their store and irritating customers.


MollyE said...

wow, that is so funny about the costco lady. I can't believe she was putting into people's carts!! How bold. The candy wrapper cleanup has been driving me crazy too.

Cathy said...

I take candy from every bucket when ever I find one on the floor. It's taken care of that mess pdq!!

COSTCO lady! WOW - what a daring little lady! That is too funny. Thanks for the laugh at midnight ;)