My New Love:

Making photo books

I've done 3 so far. I love doing it.
Love it. I use snapfish.com I upload my photos, and begin making a photo book.
I don't have to download any extra software or programs.
It is just a website that stores my project while I work on it.
It will put all your photos in for you, or you can customize a little or a lot.
An 8X11 book with 20 pgs. costs about $20 + shipping (about $7 a book)
But I use this website: retailmenot.com to get a coupon code. Then it's cheaper.
You can also google: snapfish coupon codes.
Then, when you check out put in your code to save you money.

*P.S. I google coupon codes for lots of things.  It really works for almost anything!*

I love photo books, because you can enlarge photos you love or put a whole bunch on a page together.
You can add polka dot backgounds or plain white backgrounds. You can add text, or let the picture speak for itself. It is really easy to do. The project isn't sprawled out all over your kitchen table. You can have many interruptions, work on the project for a month or finish in an hour. No gluing, pasting, cutting, or fancy stuff.
My kids have not ripped or torn the books.
But if they did, I would ask them for $20 and reorder the book from snapfish.

There are many different companies that do digital photo books. I have only used/tried snapfish.
It is easy, fun, and exciting when the mail comes with your book! Yippee!

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Janis said...

Love it too! I've made quite a few. Thanks for the coupon tips!