"You're Breathing My Air"

My General Conference Recap:

My favorite talk was Elder Bednar's. Coming from him it was even more enjoyable. He is usually serious and sometimes requires me to think hard, which is good, but sometimes hard for me to do.
He gave us 3 simple things to do. Which I can do.
  1. Tell individual family members I love them. Hug them.
  2. Bear my testimony to my family more
  3. Be consistent.  I loved learning he has children like mine.  Inattentive, easily distracted, irreverent, and a pester to their siblings. Fantastic! Maybe I can survive raising my kids in the gospel after all.

I felt a lot of Love talks coming from almost every speaker. Service, serving others, and loving. I noticed that theme again, and again. My sister Stacey noticed this too.

I enjoyed the African speaker on Sunday, his living testimony of the miracle of this global church.

I also enjoyed the general authority (can't remember his name) who spoke about praying for the church to get through a communist country 30+ yrs. ago. His own son served a mission in that very land in the future, and he realized he had been praying for his own son (30 yrs. prior). Great story, very powerful. Sometimes prayers are more personal than we realize and take years, to finally have answered.

Elder Holland????  I have asked several family members and friends what they thought of it. Most people loved it. I think I did. It was very strong. We saw him at a stk. conf. a couple years back, in person do the same thing. A different topic, but shaking his finger with a loud voice. At that stk. conf. he said, "Don't you ever think the Savior doesn't understand what you are going through. Don't you ever!"

We all need a wake-up call from time to time. Literally and Spiritually. Elder Holland's the man to do  just that. (P.S. In preparing this post, I reread this talk again. It brought tears to my eyes. I love the talk. I can not deny the truth of the Book of Mormon. It is true. Reading the book will bring you and your family great joy and happiness. The book will change your life forever.)

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