This is Kyle home from school - Sick!

Last week, Kyle woke up crying in the middle of the night.
He had the "Barking Seal Cough".
Naturally, the good mother I am, let him sleep in.
Which he didn't do.
I asked him if he felt too sick for school.
Yes, he said, "I'm sick!"
Within minutes of me calling the school, he began running around the house, and playing video games.
Tate also refused to go to his music class that day.
I looked around my house.
Sadie, Tate, and Kyle were all around me making loud noises. It was only 9:30 am
How on earth would I make it to Dinner that day?
I almost cried, then prayed, then took the kids to the zoo.
We paid too much money and we got in troube for feeding carrots to the monkeys.
But I had survived another day.

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jenbahrens said...

Hi Katie! I loved that you changed your plans so that you could enjoy the day rather than just get through it. I wonder how long it will be until Kyle tries to stay home again?