My 34th B-day wish list

  1.  Some type of internet cell phone, so I can have a gps.
  2. A piano
  3. A dishwasher
  4. A storm door for the front door. (A glass/screen door that you place in front of your front door)
  5. Backyard Furniture
  6. Interior Decorating Services
  7. Leather Couches
  8. Covered Patio
  9. Built-ins in my Basement. While we are doing the Basement, new, better lighting too!
  10. A new wardrobe. I have a very odd mix of college clothes, skinny jeans that I'll never fit in again, loose fitting clothes for "loosing the baby weight" outfits, sister's hand-me-downs (which now I understand why they gave them to me: out of style and ill-fitting).

Since my wish list is ridiculously long and overpriced, we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for my 34th B-day Party. They had never been and loved every minute of it.  Later when we tucked the kids in bed, Chris and I watched a great movie.
Being 34 is fine with me!

P.S. Maybe Santa will come through with something on my list!

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Ingrid said...


It's fun to see your blog back up! Here is the piano I want:


it's a little out of my pricerange, though...