Look what I made!

A placemat purse. So easy! You fold in half, sew each side.
Then do some triangle thing at each corner. But easy to do.
You get 4 pieces of matching 4 in. long ribbon.
Fold the ribbon through the purse handles, then stitch to purse.
It took about 5-10 min.
I rarely sew; so if I can do it, you can do it.
They make great scripture carrying cases too.
Cute idea for your girls turning 8 or you just need a unique scripture case.

We also assmembled FHE or Sunday binders. Take any of your papers/pictures you've been stashing and place in a binder with sheet protectors.   I put all the Friend Magazine activities in the Sunday binder.

My favorite thing I put together were these little ABC books. We used $1 photo albums from the dollar store. You can use cardstock or even construction paper cut into 4X6 (I prefer precut cardstock).
You can use church pictures from the church magazines, pass along cards, or little picture cards from Deseret Book. For D you use a picture of Dad, M for picture of mom, F picture of your family.
Karen - I made a book for Haylee! I got pictures from your blog. Will try to send it for her b-day
Try is the key word, maybe Christmas is more realistic.
Sally - I have copies of each phrase and letter, if you want this for a Christmas gift for primary.


MollyE said...

cute stuff, I love the purse!! Yay for craft night!!

Karen said...

Yay, I'm so excited about Haylee's book you made. That purse is super cute. You could be featured on a crafty blog.

Sally said...

That is a super cute purse. And yes I would love the ABC book!

AmyMak said...

I LOVE all of those - great Christmas ideas. Thanks!