Some Blog Updates

These are some things I have mentioned in the past on my blog. Most of them troubled me at the time.:

My Hair: I switched hair dressers. My old, good hairdresser, wouldn't budge on price.
I went with a super short haircut, and go in every 4-6 weeks. I needed a lower price.
My new person charges me the "Man Cut" price. We will see.
I'm not very loyal to my hairdressers. A weakness of mine.

Eating 3 meals a day everyday: A wise mother of 8 shared with me: We eat 3X's a day to pray. If we don't stop to eat, we become busy and forget God, and we would be much less grateful. I agree. So I continue feeding the family, even if we eat peanut butter or tuna. But never bologna. Never.

The dishwasher: I'm getting by.  The repairman came back, and replaced something just to say he did something and to charge me.  It still works badly. But I do new tricks to help. I do a rinse only wash first, then do a super hot wash. That helps sometimes. I wash dishes by hand, and use the dishwasher as my drying rack.

Migraines: I'm getting by. I've tried new medicines without much luck. Now I use a heating pad and just try to cope. Luckily, I can still function, get out of bed, be a mom, and have a headache. M&M's help too.

Our Cars: They are getting old, but still running fine. We recently put in the money to have them last a little longer. Timing Belts, Tires, Batteries, Alternators, etc.

A Piano: Stay Tuned, (no pun intended) I don't know yet. I'm hoping when we see it we will know.

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Rebecca said...

A wise mother of 6 says: get a new dishwasher