Sara's cool!

Sara, the co-creator and author of Our Best Bites Blog is related to me through marriage.  Our husbands are 1st cousins & good friends. Lucky for me, Sara and her husband live near us.  I've gotten to know her pretty well. She is cool, way cool.

I've tasted her great cooking, long before she became a famous blogger for cooking.
(Look how many followers she has now, 1200+ and counting). She is what she is: a great cook.
She was even on tv recently for her cooking skills.  Very Cool, indeed. Here she is in her kitchen.
Look at all these fun food ideas she put together for Halloween.

She is nice, a good friend, helpful and returns calls. I think that's cool, for how busy she is.
She is a wife, sister, daughter, and mother too. Family is important to her.
That makes her even more cool.

I also like her because she is creative, artsy, and has good taste in things.  She is a great homemaker.
A real "Martha Stewart", in a good way.  She gardens, landscapes, caters, party plans, interior decorates, digital scrapbooks, etc. I've also seen her use her great, creative talents in her church callings.  She does many things very well. That is cool!

This summer, she even took photos of my kids. Just for fun.
She is a great photographer with a way cool camera. Look at her photography:

(P.S. Tate was too busy running away to be captured on camera)

See what I mean Sara is cool!  If I didn't know any better she reminds me of Jenny Oaks Baker.
But, that's a good thing. Having talents, and using them!  Thanks Sara.  You're cool!

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