I'm Hungry

(photo of yucky tasting casserole) 

The 2 dreaded words I dread the most as a mom.
"I'm Hungry. . . ."
Especially when they are teeth-brushed, pj'd, and tucked in bed.

It all started when Lindy, our first child was about 2 or so. I had made some bad casserole. She hadn't eaten much at dinner. At bed time she declared she was hungry.  I believed her, felt sorry for her, and fed her. Big Mistake. HUGE. Should never have done that.

It's been down hill from here; as this trick has been passed down from child to child in our family. Each child declares they're hungry way past bedtime whether they've eaten dinner or not. We've done many things to help fix this problem. We've been strict & mean.
The problem has not gone away until recently.
We've started Scripture Snacks at Bedtime.

Before bed, we gather around the kitchen table as a family. We feed them dessert, snacks, a drink, etc. (careful moderation with drinks should be considered, right!!!??!!)  As they eat, we read scriptures. It's working like a charm. It's magic. They eat and listen as best they can. We send them to bed, FED. They don't declare they are hungry anymore and we've read scriptures. We're not perfect every night, but we'll try to be consistent thanks to Elder Bednar's counsel.


Karen said...

Cute idea! I love it, we might have to try that at our household. Haylee's favorite bedtime ritual now is to tell me she's hungry.


We'll have to try that. Sounds great!

Cathy said...

Great idea!! Love it!