Happy Birthday, Molly!

Fun Facts about Molly:
  • She's a great cook, really great! Especially tricky recipes that are fancy.
  • She has a secret wish of being a foody, a restraunt critic
  • She's very passionate
  • She married her best friend
  • She has 3 boys and is expecting another boy this winter
  • She is a wonderful piano player, a gifted musician
  • She is a piano teacher, teaching kids and adults
  • She is a thinker, reader, and likes to discuss things
  • She has a fun sense of humor
  • She only likes movies with happy endings
  • She can not watch any type of scary movie
  • She got her bachelor's degree in Boston, while working, and having her 1st baby, and being a newlywed. She majored in Sociology.
  • She is a hard, hard worker
  • She gives everything her all
  • She loves having friends and girlfriends
  • She loves date night with her husband
  • She likes dark, rich colors
  • Family means a lot to her, and makes great sacrifices to support family events & gatherings
  • She is one of my best friends, and I love, admire, and respect her a great deal!


MollyE said...

Thanks Kate!! I have always liked sharing my birthday with you! That was such a cute cake for Tate!!

Heidi said...

It was fun to hear about Molly. It looks like we share the same taste in movies. I have to have a happy ending and nothing even remotely scary.

Happy Birthday to you too!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Molly and Katie too!