This may or may not be your thing.
I got so tired of wiping all the crumbs, goo, guck, and globs off my kitchen table.
I had, had enough.

Last year, I went to the Beyond part of Bed, Bath & Beyond with my 20% coupons.
I purchased several tablecloths for my kitchen table.
I was particular to get wrinkle free, easy care, washable, fabric tablecloths.
Not the plastic outdoor kinds.
I love them and use them frequently on my kitchen table.
My back patio door is near the table.
I can throw off crumbs when needed.
So much easier for me than wiping the table constantly.
I would rather throw a tablecloth in the wash than scrub down the table.
The kids have been great about not pulling it off.
They are used to it, since it is on all day almost everyday. Not just special occasions.
Some moms say this would never work with their kids.
But for me it has helped with my sanity.
After using different fabrics/tablecloths for over a year.
Great Fabric, Miracle Fabrics for Moms in the kitchen.
Washes Perfectly, Repels stains, Wrinkle Free, Always looks great on the table.
Very Durable. Love it, If you use a tablecloth once a year or everyday, this is the one to buy.

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