School Clothes with Kyle

I've started going through the kids' clothes as a new season approaches. I would love to have regular showers for our kids, like a baby shower, to help clothe our oldest kids. One girlfriend or my sister (can't remember who) kindly reminded me that we do do that. It's called a birthday.
I did Kyle's clothes first. Luckily, he didn't need too many new things. I took him back to school shopping by himself, with no other siblings with us. It was great. A nice way to spend some one on one time with him. A tradition I would like to keep up, if possible. I did it last year with Lindy too. Takes some of the stress out of picking out clothes for your kids.
Here's what Kyle picked out all by himself, without too much mother persuasion: He's ready to look good for kindergarten.
(He set the clothes up all by himself for the picture. Do you like how he did the shoes?) Actually, I was a little bummed he got 2 pairs of shoes that looked alike. There were so many other "cute" pairs to choose from.

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