Avoiding Housework

Blogs I enjoy reading to avoid housework:
(All of these women, are strangers to me, we have never met. Someday it would be fun to meet them and tell them how I have enjoyed their blogs.)
Fun Mom Blogs: Sad Mom Blogs: (When you need to cry,
these bloggers have shared their tragedies online. I believe we are all a little better for mourning with them.) Home Decorating Blogs: (These blogs will put you into a whole new blogging universe. Addictive if you like home decorating ideas, be careful. You can hop from one blog to another with these)
  • inspiredroom.net
  • j-a-girl.blogspot.com
  • nestingplacenc.blogspot.com
I didn't get hooked at first read, it took a few readings of her posts before I appreciated her writing and humor. CJane! Now she has a blog about Provo, UT . (On a recent post, she put up the best of byu police beat, it's great for a laugh or two.) She is also sister to the mother in the plane crash. She shares great insights and thoughts. Recently, she has been sharing some of her thoughts about last year and the experiences she had with her family and sister from the plane crash.


Tricia said...

I like everyday romney's too. She did a great post awhile back about why she CTR's--chooses to read.

Nie Nie and I were in the same ward in New Jersey. I miss her.

Jessica said...

Aren't you (and Tricia) nice??

And again, SUCH a fun blog!