Sadie. . . Walking? NO!

Some have asked if Sadie is walking, the answer is NO. Sadie is 14 mons. My 3 other children all walked a day or two around their 1st b-day. She is behind.
The good news is: She would rather be on two feet than down on all fours. Her favorite thing to do is let mom and dad walk her around, using both hands. It's hard on our backs, mom and dad tire easy, and if we put her down; she cries until we walk with her again. We also catch her standing up on her own all day throughout the house.
If we try to walk with her with one hand or strongly encourage her to take a step, she cries and promptly sits down. It could be any day or it could be another couple months 'til she walks. We eagerly await the day she decides to walk, in the mean time we have sore backs.

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Karen said...

Sadie hop to it!!!! Katie the enchanted forest was awesome. It was expensive but I thought it was great! We'll have to go next time you're in Oregon. I'm coming to boise at the end of July, hopefully she will be walking before then. Haylee will love leading they way instead of always trying to catch up with somebody.