Summer Survival Tip #2

Buy a bunch of these boxes. I love these. They are easy to make. I can add extra "fresh" ingredients too. Like frozen peas, or tomatoes, and cheese, etc. Use them for you family or a summer get-together with friends. P.S. I know we are suppose to be creative and make our own pasta salads. But mine never turn out as a good. I like Betty Crocker's seasonings. This way requires less thinking and planning.


MollyE said...

I love those. Chipotle ranch is my favorite! I like to add tomatos and more black beans.

Sally said...

I love those too, so easy to make.

And about the movie Flash of Genius, what did you think? Who knows what the lesson is, never to give up? A little depressing though

Karen said...

We live off of these. I love the chiptole one too but it is so hard to find that flavor.