Happy 2017!

Ready or Not here comes 2017!

I hope you had a good holiday.

Chris and I enjoyed this movie, Lion, starring Nicole Kidman over the holiday.

I also loved the Star Wars Rogue 1 movie, which surprised me.
The characters were excellent,
and it might be my favorite of all of the Star Wars movies.

I'm listening to this new song from John Mayer over and over again,
called Love on the Weekend.

I tried making this breakfast casserole.
I loved it.

Today the kids start school again. Hooray! Christmas was fun,
but I'm glad to get the house back again.
Today I'm calendaring, and making a to-do list.

I don't know if I will get the house back again,
though, because come this weekend.
We will have a new dog.
Our 1st dog.

After a lot of thought and decision,
our family has decided to try life with a dog.
This could be our best or worst decision.
We will have to let time and experience decide.

Lindy needs a running partner,
my 3 boys need an active playmate,
and Sadie needs a pet to snuggle
and to love.
Chris grew up with dogs, he's content to give it a Go!
I did not grow up with dogs, so this is a labor of love for my family.

We will be getting a Brittany puppy that is about 9-10 weeks old.
Wish me and all of us LUCK!

(The one we are getting is a boy that is sitting on top of the army blanket.)

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Stacey said...

Wow, can't wait to hear how it goes and his name!