25 Ways in 25 Days

My kids and I love counting the days until Christmas!
Usually, we have lots of ways we do this with countdown chains from school,
chocolate advents from Grandma, and our elf, etc.

I like to prepare an advent for our family about Jesus Christ
- his life, his stories, his miracles, his service, etc.
It helps us stay focused on what matters most during this Season.

Our church has prepared an advent reflecting this very thing.
This year all over the world, no matter your age,
your faith or religious beliefs,
you can do small things to help serve others.

It's beautiful and simple.

You can do one thing each day, or just do a few of things
throughout the month. No need to go overboard, or to feel guilt, or stress.

It starts tomorrow on Dec. 1st.
It will help you enjoy Christmas better, in a more meaningful way.

Go to this link to print out a pdf of the calendar, so you can follow along.

The idea is to #lighttheworld with small acts of service.

This initiative will help each of us remember Jesus Christ,
and more importantly come to know him.

This website will give you more information.
Share your ideas on social media using the #LIGHTtheWORLD

For our family, I printed out each day and what Jesus did on a slip of paper.
I placed each paper in our advent.
We will look at the papers for each day then our family
will be encouraged to do some of these things during the month.
We've asked our teenagers to share part of this with their media devices too.

To give you an idea here are some of the days/things we can do:

Jesus Fed the Hungry - I will make my kids dinner that day. (It may be peanut butter sandwiches)
Jesus Taught Us to Pray - We will remember our family prayer that day 
Jesus Healed the Sick - With 7 people in our family, someone will be sick this month, we will let them hog the couch and watch the tv show they want, we will be kind to them, and I will give them ibuprofen, or 7-up.

These are all things that we can do. They are simple and small, but it will help bring more light and peace in our homes, communities, and around the globe. 

I can't wait! Please join us! Let's #LIGHTtheWORLD

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