Summer has started!

My kids finished school last Friday.

Lindy finished Middle school and 8th grade - High School Next Fall!
Kyle finished 6th grade
Tate finished 4th grade
Sadie finished 2nd grade
Brandon finished Preschool -He'll be at 1/2 day kindergarten Next Fall- I'll be a little bit of an empty nester next fall for a couple of hours.

The kids ran in the capitol classic race kids-only 1 mile race in downtown boise over the weekend.
Always a fun tradition.

We went to a ward social on Friday. We are in a brand new ward that was created in our stake.
We've all been calling less for 3 weeks now, it can feel a little nerve racking, wondering what you'll get when every calling is up for grabs. EVERY CALLING.

We burned our kids' school papers on Sat. night in a campfire in our backyard.
That was fun.

This week Kyle goes to band for the saxophone, Tate will start the banjo.
The kids have an art class this week.
Sadie will do a little cheer, and Tate also wanted to try karate.

We are sleeping in, and so GLAD to be done with school work and papers!

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