Secret Hideaway

I love finding and taking my kids to secret hideaways.
I call them secret hideaways,
because they are usually hidden in some trees.
We can hang out, read, and relax there,
and forget our cares for a while.

One of my new favorite songs, Catch and Release
by Matt Simons includes these lyrics
that perfectly captures how I feel about our secret hideaways,

"There's a place I go to,
where no one knows me,
it's not lonely,
it's a necessary thing."

A few years ago I posted about a
Secret Hideaway, from our last home.
Here's that blog post for a trip to the past - 5 years ago!
I kinda look the same because I had short hair in that post.
My kids, DO NOT, they are so young,
and we didn't even have Brandon yet.

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Stacey said...

Wow, that is so crazy to see the kids from five years ago!