Some Creativite Ideas and a little ER humor

1. Your handwriting in a font:
I just found out that you can turn your
own handwriting into a computer font!
Cool! Do it!

2. Give your Blog a makeover:
I had fun finding a new blog template for my blog at

There are a lot of templates to choose from.
It's fun just to browse.
They work in the blogger platform.
It was only $15 to download their template.

It was fairly easy to do, and follow their instructions.
I did have to email them for a couple things,
while I tried to get my template working.
I could also edit some things too, so it doesn't look exactly like their template.
Size and color of fonts, etc.
They responded in good time, and helped me easily.
I recommend them, and if you do it and get stuck,
contact me, and I can try to help you too.

3. Comedy
One of my sisters just introduced me to the comedian Brian Regan,
who keeps his comedy clean.
This sketch I loved:

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