A reality check

The truth is on most days . . .

-My kids fight with each other
-My summer ideas/plans work only for the 1st week in June
-The house is cluttered and messy
-The laundry is never caught up, and my family has a hard time finding clothes to wear
-We are on our screens too much
-Our furniture is all over 10 yrs +, with frumps, scratches, and outdated for the new modern decor feel
-The kids whine and complain, A L O T
-Someone is always in a bad mood, or doesn't want to cooperate
-Others don't want to practice the piano, or even take lessons
-Some our behind in school
-I had ideas for organizing and decorating our new home, most of those things will never happen
-Feeding the family everyday is hard work
-Chris and I diagree
-Church service is a lot of work and time, we don't have callings that people hold in high esteem
-My kids go to bed too late
-We eat candy and treats too much
-We exercise less than we should
-I bark and yell at the kids too much
-I don't have time to keep up with our family budget the way I should

This list could go on and on. If you could be a fly on the wall in my home for a week,
you would all feel much better about yourselves, your homes, and your families.

I really only get moments of happiness and joy throughout my day to day,
and throughout my life.
Those moments often catch me off guard.
I love those moments, though.
They are everything to me.
They're what keep me going
throughout all the muck and hard stuff of the day to day.
Those moments remind me to keep trying.

This blog and my instagram photos are those moments.

A moment of hope, sunshine, smiles, happy, good things,
and even a little perfection in my otherwise imperfect life around me.

When I look back through the years on this blog,
I remember the hard times,
and what I was experiencing
emotionally, mentally or spiritually - a low point -
only to find my kid's smiling faces looking back at me
through these blog photos or an instagram photo.

They were doing just fine all along, and so was I, and so is our family.


Amanda said...

This is beautiful.

Stacey said...

Well I was there for almost a week, and I didn't notice any of those things. The house looks great, kids are happy, clean house, good meals. You are a good mom and doing a great job! And an amazing host as always!

Karen said...

I agree with Stacey and Lindy and I are twinners with our skirts! I feel good about that but she might not :)

MollyE said...

I don't believe any of this! Your home is lovely and I really admire your ability to handle a big family!