2015 Spring Soccer

This Spring we had 3 soccer players and a coach.

Kyle has been playing soccer almost every year since he was about 4.
That makes 7+ years.

Kyle has played on a competitive team for the last couple of years.
We've also decided as a family not to play Sunday games.

It's hard as a parent trying to decide
how much to put into your children doing extracurricular activities-
cost, time, travel, how it effects the rest of the family, etc.

We've been happy to support Kyle with his soccer,
while trying to achieve some good balance as well.
Which can be a challenge,
since coaches takes it all so seriously, even for kids.

For now Kyle has decided to take a break from soccer.
He wants to play other sports next year as he starts middle school.


Sadie being a goalie

Coach Chris

Chris was the head coach to Tate's team.
They were a bunch of boys just learning to play the game,
and were loosing games more than winning.

Chris turned them into a team, they learned to play the game,
and came out winning.

I was so proud of Chris and his coaching skills!

He also helped Sadie's team too.

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