On loss, New Babies, and Pregnancy

A crazy thing happened to my sisters and I early this spring.

We were all pregnant at the same time.

Sadly, I miscarried, though.

Each of our individual stories of being pregnant at the same time were unique,
and even miraculous. My sisters and I didn't plan this.
It was just an amazing thing that happened.
Some were planned for years, others were unexpected.

For a couple weeks or so, my sisters and I were all pregnant together,
and that was something to celebrate!

I have reflected often on this quote recently,

"Don't cry because it's over,
Smile because it happened!"

I am more grateful for the children I do have, and stand more in awe of the miracle of 
pregnancy and childbirth. It has it's challenges and emotional setbacks.

My sisters, Stacey and Karen, each of had their babies, now.
Each so cute and special. When you hear some of the details of their labor
and deliveries, you are reminded again and again, of how miraculous it all is,
bringing these babies here to earth.
There is a plan to all of this, and the Lord is involved in the details.

Molly is coming up next in about a month.
She'll do great, and it will be exciting to hear her
labor story as well. She is expecting her 5th boy!

For me I am fine.
Time is a wonderful healer, and I have an active, busy, family life now.
Being an Aunt to newborns is always exciting, and a little less tiring.

For me, as I age and leave the child-bearing years behind me, it has been difficult to know when I should be done having children. For some women the decision came easy,
for me it has been difficult, lacking in needed clarity. 
But, I know the Lord is involved in the details of my life,
and when I look back on my life I will probably see that it had been clear. 
I have found that to be true countless times, as I reflect on my past,
knowing that I was unsure of my next step or next decision,
but the Lord had me on the right path the whole time.


Karen said...

Beautiful awesome amazing post. I loved reading this today! Love that picture. A very fun memory!!

MollyE said...

That was a beautiful post. That picture, that weekend will always be an amazing memory! Thanks for sharing.

Janis said...

Yes, thank you for sharing! What a beautiful group of sisters!

Amanda said...

Katie, I am so glad you still blog! Thank you for sharing this. You are an amazing person and mother. I, too, seem to lack clarity as to leaving child-bearing years. Maybe I am just mourning it. There is even a chance we will pass through Boise this summer! Love to see your family if that happens!