2015 Spring Break

We stayed home this past Spring Break.
Since we have just moved, our vacation budget is very low,
and we still have lots of projects to get done around the house.

The kids thankfully, just seemed to enjoy hanging around the house to relax and not be as scheduled.

On MONDAY - we visited Dad the Dentist!
I also went over clothes with some of my kids.
The dreaded seasonal clothing chore:
what have you outgrown, what have you never worn in your drawer, what do you need now, etc.

On TUESDAY - we saw the new movie Cinderella.
Such a great, great movie! A must see! Very well done, with a great message!
The below image is from Miss Brimley's blog.
After seeing the movie, throughout the week I kept feeling like I was the wicked stepmother when I asked my kids to do chores and work. Then, I felt like we needed a lesson on which one are you,
Cinderella who cheerfully works, or the wicked stepsisters who want nice things, to sleep in, and do no work.

On WEDNESDAY - I took my kids on an adventure.
We explored this quirky little outdoor museum in Walter's Ferry, Idaho.

On THURSDAY - we had the cousins over for our annual indoor jelly bean hunt.
Still a huge hit, even with the older kids!
 Cousin Spencer
 Cousin Kate
 Cousin Claire
On the weekend - we went on a family bike ride, we planted some trees for our backyard, and attended stake conference where we received wise counsel about having monthly family councils. The family council is something where all family members no matter their age can offer their ideas, suggestions or questions about matters concerning our family.

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