2015 LDS Art Competition

Every 3 years our church has an adult art competition with a spiritual theme.

You can submit any type of artwork using various mediums.
Painting, quilting, sculpture, photography, collage, etc.

I love art, and would love to spend more time creating my own art pieces.
I have submitted works to the contest a couple of times.

Thinking about the theme is fun,
and then I like trying to create something for the competition.
It gives me a goal, and I always learn something in the process.

I've never been selected for the final round - to have my piece of art hang
in the church art museum in Salt Lake City.
That is a goal of mine, though, and it will take me years to accomplish this.
There are amazing LDS professional and amateur artists who submit their work
for the competition. I have a lot more training, and practicing to go.

Some of my favorite LDS artists are:
J.Kirk Richards
Rose Datoc Call
Julie Rogers
Julia Blake

Here is the link to past competitions so you can see the quality of work 
being submitted.  Do you have what it takes to submit a piece?
You should try if you have some interest.
I think it is such a great opportunity for artists and future artists.
They have a youth competition too!

This year's theme was "Tell me the Stories of Jesus".

Here's the piece I submitted for the 2015 competition:
(You can click on the photo to see it enlarged).


Rebecca said...

Beautiful, I love stories and I love the kids in the picture!!!

Janis said...

That is truly a work of art! Both your family, the stories of Jesus and this photo!!

MollyE said...

I really, really love this picture. You should have won for sure!