Storing my Kids Christmas Ornaments

My kids each have their own Christmas ornament collection.
Our Aunt Carolyn gifts them a new ornament each year,
they have some ornaments they've made,
and a couple they've gotten as gifts.
I decided it would be much easier to store the kids'
ornament collection in their own boxes.

I've also tried to mark their ornaments with a sharpie marker on the bottom
of each ornament the first initial of their name,
and if there's room the year we got the ornament.

Our Costco sells it's gallons of milk in boxes. I know not every Costco does this.
We go through a lot of these boxes.
They were the perfect size to make ornament boxes for each of my kids.

I got some chevron contact paper to cover each box.
When I work with contact paper, I find it easier to cut smaller pieces of the paper.
Instead of working with longer pieces - this creates less bubbles and stickage problems for me.

Then, I printed out a big red letter of each of my kids' first initial
of their name to put on the front of each box.
I happened to have some extra shoelaces that I used to tie the boxes shut.

The boxes store nicely in the plastic storage containers.
My kids are getting older, so this is why I had time for a project like this.
Most of my kids are gone in school for most of the day.

Truth be told, I still haven't done Brandon's box yet.
4 out of 5 isn't bad, right?
It's a good tv watching project.

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Karen said...

Very cute and organized. It's funny whenever I just want to do the first initial I have to do hay and hunt. Might have to add huds to the mix. Not nearly as cute as a plain old H. I love your big red letters on their boxes!