Family Photo Book of the Family Proclamation

A few years back I saw a photo book made with the text of the full
Family Proclamation in it. I loved the idea, and tucked the idea
back away in my mind as something to do
in the next life when I could find some time to work on it.

About a month ago, I got a coupon to make a free
8X8 photo book through Shutterfly.
I knew it was now or never.
So I put it together, rather quickly under the deadline
(the coupon expiration date.) I work better under a deadline anyway.

Here is the finished result:

Click here to view this photo book larger
I like it, and think it is such a neat idea. I prepared it for our immediate family, but I like the idea of making it as a gift for extended family members, with cousins and grandparents in the book.

Nothing too fancy, I didn't spend hours pouring over photos, I just quickly put in photos I could find fast on my computer.
I did scan a couple photos that I thought fit the text.

What do you think, not of my book, just of the idea?


Janis said...

Love the idea! Made one of few years ago for my extended family and gave them each a copy. Yours is a treasure for sure!

Rebecca said...

fun idea, your book turned out great!