The Hiawatha Bike Trail

This past summer our family did something AWESOME!
We rode the Hiawatha Bike Trail in Northern Idaho.
It is a great family day adventure.
It is about 15 miles all down hill, through gorgeous scenery.
There are these dark tunnels to ride through,
and bridges to ride over.
One tunnel is over a mile and half long, it's pitch black,
and everyone needs to wear a head lamp.
It's a little scary at first as your eyes adjust to the light inside the tunnels.
But all my kids enjoyed the adventure of it.
Little kids can ride in trailers or bike seats,
so it makes it easier to bring littles.
My sister, Karen, was living in No. ID at the time,
and we went with her family too.
Karen helped give us the idea for doing this!
I'm so glad she did.

We had 4 adults, and 7 kids ages 12-3.
With that many people and kids, of course we had some tears, fears,
restroom breaks, hunger, and tiredness, but all in all it was still very worth it.
 I loved it!
A great day, that I'll always remember.
Thanks Weston and Karen.

all fairly close together in No. ID
would make a great family vacation.


Janis said...

What a great adventure!

MollyE said...

That looks awesome! Now I am super sad they moved!

Karen said...

Such fun memories!!!! We already have our silverwood trip planned for the summer.

Rebecca said...

Is it in Aug?