Our family is moving, soon.
It's been a HUGE decision in the works for a couple of years.
We had the opportunity to build a home for our family.
The decision has been very difficult. Being a grown-up is hard, I think.
I'm just grateful for prayer.

We are staying in Idaho.
We are moving just a few miles down the road from where we used to live.
It does mean new schools, new neighbors, new stores, and a new ward.
Lots of change.

I had high expectations of blogging more about the experience,
but alas, time always escapes.

As the move is feeling very real now, I'm feeling a new peace and excitement.
Something that will be good for our family. I can just feel it.


Laura said...

this is exciting! I remember talking to you about this decision at Marie's wedding. Good luck with moving and starting over somewhere new! I think the home looks beautiful so far!

Karen said...

So so so excited for you guys!!! I can't wait to see the house and make fun new memories there! Good luck this week, we'll be thinking of you guys. So fun to play last weekend!!