Multnomah Falls in Oregon last May

Last May in 2013, we drove to Oregon a couple times for

On the drive, we stopped at Multnomah Falls, near Portland.
It's right off the freeway, an easy on-off exit.
There are hikes you can do, or you can just look at the Falls.
It's nature at it's best.
 If you look real close, above, you can see Chris in the blue
in the middle of the bridge with a couple of our kids.
 How many miles from Multnomah Falls to these cities.
Just in case you're in the area this summer!
 Sadie posed over and over as we hiked.
"Take this picture mom, here look at me now,
take my picture here. . ." etc, etc, etc.


Karen said...

It doesn't say how far from San Antonio!!

MollyE said...

Great pictures! Sadie, she cracks me up!

Katie said...

Uh Oh, does this mean you're liking Texas, Karen?